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MASTER of alternative cooling

Masterkool is the pioneer of alternative cooling in Thailand since 2002 for any areas where air conditioner is not appropriate of economical

MASTER in quality management

Masterkool focuses on this buiness for more than 12 years. Now we become the expert in innovative cooling under quality management ISO 9001:2008. Moreover e have received many awards such as Thailand Trust Mark, Prime Minister’s Export Award, Bai Po Business Award and etc.

MASTER in supeios solutions

Our R&D team researches and develops innovative cooling continuously. As a result, our solutions are superior than others in term of cooling effect (reduce up to 15 ° c and 10-time saver than A/C) and other special features including humidity control and ozone water disinfection. Besides our products have achieved many quality standards such as CE, CB, RoHs, PSE, SAA, TIS and etc.

MASTER in total solutions

Our engineering team specializes in customer insight. We have created various alternative cooling solutions which can solve all heat problems for corporate, industrial or home users.

MASTER in excellence services

Masterkool guarantees the excellence services by expertise service teams and authorizd service centes throughout Thailand and more than 30 countries around the world.

MASTER in excellence marketing

Masterkool guarantees the best cooling effect in the worldwide market. As a result, we focus on experience marketing such as exhibitions, special events, sponsorship and etc.

MASTER in worldwide market

Masterkool is the leader of alternative cooling in Thailand and more than 30 countries around the world. As a result, more than 30,000 worldide corporate customers trust our brand.


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