FAQs on Evaporative Fan

Would it cause pneumonia or adversely affect your health?

Absolutely not, because….

1. Water will not spray out of the machine.

2. It needs to be used in rooms with ventilation. Just open windows or doors for air circulation. No moisture problems.

3. Special feature of the cooling pad can automatically control humidity. When humidity in the ambient air is higher, the cooling pad will evaporate less water until no evaporate at all. And it will evaporate more water when humidity in the ambient air is lower.

Our customers also are hospitals throughout Thailand such as Siriraj Hospital, Ramathibodi Hospital, Bumrungrad Hospital and more.  Leading hospitals rely on our products so we can honestly ensure that our products are safe and carefree.

How does it work?

Evaporative fan makes cooling air by water evaporating, which is natural way like cooling air from rivers or waterfalls. The special fan pulls hot air from many directions through the special cooling pad with water circulation all the time. When the heat impacts the cooling pad, the water evaporates and absorb heat from the air, then a fresh cool wind blows out from the front of the fan, so you feel comfortable like staying in the midst of nature.

How much can it drop the temperature?

It can drop the air temperature by 5-15 degree Celsius. Even hot weather, the temperature can be dropped to a lower level. As our evaporative fan is designed to pull air from many directions. The special fan pulling hot air from many directions through the special cooling pad provides more heat exchange area and allows better heat evaporation. At the end of April last year, our product could reduce heat up to 15 degree Celsius, which was the best performance in the market. Some other brand may be look like our product, but it is not actually designed by experts, so it cannot practically make cooling air. We challenge you to try one anywhere.

Does it consume a lot of electricity?

When compared to other brands, our brand is a more energy efficient product as we use a special type of fan providing strong wind force but consuming less power.

When compared to air conditioner, our evaporative fan is over 10 times power saving. For example, an air conditioner 9,000 BTU (880 W) for area 10-12 sqm consumes electricity 2.64 baht/hour while our MIK-07EX (88 W) for area 12 sqm consumes electricity 0.26 baht/hour. So it is 2.38 baht/hour saver than air conditioner’s power consuming or 714 baht monthly saver. A breakeven is about 4 months. Use more and save more.

*Additional Information: Air conditioner 18,000 BTU (2,020 W) for area 20 sqm and air conditioner 24,000 BTU (2,500 W) for area 30 sqm.

How is Masterkool Evaporative Fan better than other brands?

  • • Every models provide cooler air, the best quality in the market. Temperature is dropped up to 15 degree Celsius. Multi-direction air pulling of our special designed fan, special cooling pad and larger area of heat exchange provide a lot of wind volume with low noise.
  • • Unique and stylish (Designed by an expert team/ All models have a design patent), variety of colors and sizes, suit all customer needs.
  • • High quality motor with 3 year-warranty (except MIK-35EX, MIK-70EX with 1 year-warranty and free home repairs)
  • • High quality product with TTM award. The only reliable Thai brand in the evaporative fan market, exporting over 40 countries around the world including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, America, Canada, India and more.
  • • On-site integrated service across Thailand

Even though Masterkool Evaporative Fan is smaller, why is it more expensive than other brands?

A good evaporative fan must have strong wind force and really provide cooling air. A large fan without wind force or cooling air should not be purchased because it is not a solution. Our evaporative fan is designed to provide indeed strong wind force and cooling air with appropriate size for use in each area.

Why is not a cooling gel pad free of charge?

A good evaporative fan must provide cool air without a cooling gel pad. Typical evaporative fan cannot provide cool air with room temperature water no matter how many cooling gel pads given for free. However our special evaporative system can draw a plenty of wind from many directions through a special cooling pad with a large heat exchange area thus creating cool air effectively.

*** Water in the tank must be clean, no dust, otherwise it causes water rail clogged, water non-flowed, pump and cooling system failure.

Why does it smell strange at first use?

The smell comes from glue of the cooling pad. It can be eliminated by draining water during the first few times of use.

Do we need to add some ice for cooler?

There is no need to add some ice into the machine. Just adding room temperature water is enough. Turn on the fan and after while water in the tank will be cooler automatically due to the effective heat exchanging.

How long is its life span?

We have been selling our evaporative fan for 5-6 years. At present, our customers are still using their fans. However they need to be taken care by cleaning or replacing some parts such as cooling pad, dust filter and so on.

What is the cooling pad made from? How long can it be used? Is a replacement one expensive?

Our cooling pad is made from a special type of cellulose with the water absorb ability. It lasts for 3-4 years (if it is regularly cleaned). It costs only a few hundred baht per set when it needs to be changed.

Why does it make louder noise than a normal fan and an air conditioner?

As we use an extra type of fan, which is powerful to pull a plenty of wind from many directions through the cooling pad to make a fresh cool air with widest coverage, it makes louder noise than a normal fan and an air conditioner but less noise than other brands of evaporative fan when comparing model to model.

Can some fragrance be added into the water?

We do not recommend to do so because the cooling pad will be clogged. However a car air freshener can be mounted on the front panel.

Is it difficult for maintenance?

It is easier to do maintenance for our product than air conditions. You even can do it by yourself. Main parts that need to be clean regularly are dust filter, cooling pad and water tank. The maintenance should be 1-2 times monthly depending on usage condition and how dust is in the atmosphere.

Where can I send it for repair? How long does it take? Are all spare parts available?

You can send it for repair at the shop where you bought. Repair period depends on the condition of each shop. All spare parts, both inside and outside the machine, are available.

What causes bad odor?

Leaving the cooling pad wet overnight can cause bad odor. The problem can be solved by turning off Cool button half an hour before turning off the machine, so the fan can blow-dry the cooling pad.

Where is it manufactured?

It is manufactured at our plant in Zhongshan City, China. It is designed, developed and controlled quality by the engineering team of Masterkool Thailand.


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